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5500kg 4 Post Wheel Alignment Lift

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£4700 delivered or £5500 delivered and fitted up and running. Special Offer also comes with a 2750kg middle jack that operates from the hydraulic power unit 

About the lift

User Manual: Download Here

The 5.5 ton four-post electric hydraulic lift was designed for use in vehicle servicing especially for commercial workshops that are engaged in servicing, checking, dismantling, and reassembly of cars vans 4 wheel-drives, and commercial vehicles. This 5500 Kg 4 post wheel alignment lift can raise a weight of up to 1400 kilograms at the height of 1800 mm.


Also comes with a 2750kg middle jack that operates from the hydraulic power unit.


  • Compact and easy to install. Requires only 16 fixing bolts and a flat concrete floor. Can be easily re-sized if required.

  • The four manually activated safety locks are connected by control rods and linkages so they are operated and engaged synchronously in each column.

  • The lock/unlock handle for the manual safety locks is located at the power column end of the power column beam. These locks are very important when using the lift for wheel aligning of motor vehicles.

  • Each lazy column has a safety feature that prevents the lifts from falling more than 100mm in the unlikely event of a cable failure.

The series combines the knowledge and experience gained from manufacturing vehicle lifts over many years with the very latest developments in lift engineering. The result is the ultimate vehicle lift range, capable of satisfying the varied and stringent requirements of automotive workshops both now and in the future.

User Manual: Download Here

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